Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm eager to get this post out, so just a few points: What is a 'reasonably redneck childhood', you ask? The phrase summarizes the simplest of pleasures ---  a childhood spent climbing in and out of trees, good literature and your mama's lap. A childhood filled with freedom and noble stories.

If "redneck" truly causes offense to anyone, my apologies. Possessing enough cultural awareness to know the lingo, but not enough to know its background can get a girl in trouble. However, I remain convinced that the stereotypical self-reliant white guy is the last demographic that everyone feels free to bash. You'll find no bashing here, though, only a hopeful entanglement of ideals. Without getting totally carried away, I have plenty of affection for the get 'er done crowd. I'd rather have my daughters in their care and my son in their company, over the sprouts 'n yogurt crowd, as my Texan Daddy always calls them. Peace.